I’ve been thinking about what niche/rut I fit into.

I’ve been reading on different boards with great interest all these different sub genres/ cultures that have sprung out of just about everything…

I know it’s a cliché but I do like everything more or less musically apart form RNB and Pop soul music and Nashville country and western.

Rockers think I’m to metal, even though I own a lot of prog and classic rock.

Metallers think I’m too Goth even though I own all the classic metal albums

Goths think I’m too Industrial because about a third of my CD’s are industrial….

Indust ‘probably’ think my industrial music taste is either too main stream/or too Goth/metal/ethnic/rock/pop….

So I thought I know I’ll think about what it was like when I was a lad…

Now I was about the metal scene in the early nineties….In Belfast, and everyone was into bullet belt and bouffant metal, apart form me, I always liked Nine Inch Nails, ministry, Die Krupps, FLA, front 242 and numerous prog rock bands. And I was given stick for liking bands that used keyboards and tape loops

In the Mid Nineties, when the rock/metal scene died a death when the hair metal people became teachers and middle managers. I was skitted for liking old music, because it wasn’t the likes of korn/deftones/Pulkas (even though I own all that stuff)

Now in the next century I like the same type of stuff(though my CD collection has expanded to encompass absolutely everything), I still can’t find a genre/music taste that I fit into……well not so much fit into but away in which other people and I perceive myself. And I still look at myself as a through and through metaller and always have even though nobody else has…even though my music collection tells a completely different story….

The thing I really want to know is was I ever cool? I think I probably was during the last two weeks of April 1993…

scuse the spelling it’s too long for me to read through again