Things I have learnt this Christmas:

1)Bridget Jones is crap. 

2)The Drummer from Zombina and The Skeletons is really pretty.

3)Halifax are very tight fisted.  We where told if we are on the rota to work Christmas eve we would get sandwiches, soft drinks, sausage rolls and other festive treats.  We got squat.

4)The Postman is a much better book than movie

5)Faking an interest in other peoples families is not easy.

6) Getting the Bratz Rock Angelz ™ Recording Studio out of the box takes forever.

7) The Christmas special of My Family (staring the devilishly sexy for her age Zoe Wannamaker) was a complete let down.

8) Due to dinner serving times I missed both the Christmas specials of The Simpsons and Dr Who.  Bugger.

9)The best thing I did see on TV was the 1979 Steptoe and Son Christmas special.

10) The Tigger bouncing game (a bastardised verson of Buck-a-roo) is a game that requires great dexterity, nerves of steel and the agility of a Drow Elf.  If you get that last simile then kudos, your as nerdy as me.