I recently discovered that their is a programme on BBC northern Ireland Called NI Wags, yes a programme dedicated to the wives and girlfriends of NI’s sporting crème de la crème, we can watch the girlfriends of lisburn distiller top goal scorer, GAA’s heavy hitters and of course the lovely Mrs Armstrong (who I’m convinced I went to school with that vacuous emptied eyed half wit… I would recognise the orange complexion anywhere)

anyone who follows the Giants of sport in northern Ireland will know that sport is perhaps not high on our achievements, we have produced George best, famous for drinking, gambling and beating his wife up ..oh and dying

Hurricane Higgins famous for drinking gambling, punching randoms and maybe playing snooker .

Barry maguigan, world championship boxer, midget and the man who encouraged tayto to inflict nettle flavoured crisps on us.

Northern Ireland as a nation with a crippling heart disease rate and whose national dish ‘ the Ulster fry’ could kill even a battered and deep friend Glaswegian , and two national past-times drinking and fighting, sport is not high on the agenda.

And it’s evident form the high class of ‘celebratory’ sportsman we have on display, lisburn distillery player, somebody who drives a car(I think) some guy who beats up other people, a cricketer(northern Ireland is famous for it’s dominance in the cricketing world we beat Australia in 1922) and of course Gerry Armstrong..who retired from football 20 years ago. I’m surprised they didn’t pop down to Hollybank primary and ask to follow Mr Knox’s wife around after all he is a manager of a successful football team(we kept beating hopefield and downshire).

we should celebrate what we are good at…and what are the Irish famous for? terrorism. we should indulge this by changing the programme to NI Sadie’s . so I’m nicking the idea from wardell media here is my proposal for a new top draw infotainment programme for BBC Northern Ireland

NI Sadie’s

Their salaries may be undeclared and laundered but whether it’s Beirut, Basque , Belgravia or Belfast, the fact remains the same – behind every sectarian Death Squad, there’s a hard faced, earthy woman.

Seven of these women, commonly known in the media as Sadie’s, a phrase coined during the forced exile of mad dog Adair, are followed in a new six-part series from BBC Northern Ireland.

These Sadie’s of Northern Ireland’s top terrorists have a lifestyle that is the envy of women up and down the country. orange parades and internment bonfires, Punishment beatings and arson attacks, fighting at weddings and shopping trips to Lisburn, their glamorous lifestyle just never stops!

In the spotlight are –

Mad bitch, a 48-year-old lady of leisure follow her as she is moved and harassed out of Belfast, Ayr and finally settles in Bolton she is the love of ex UVF commander Jonny ‘Mad dog’ Adair

23 year old Finouna Mcchulllochio, a local community activist and concerned resident dealing with the reality of secrocatic state occupied by crown forces whose partner is wrongly convicted Brendan MCchullochio,

Ma Stone, a 62-year-old mother and cake baker, whose Son is former performance artist and Maze inmate Michael Stone

kylie Courtney- Chelsea Magiven, a 27 -year-old , who is married to cloughfern young Conquers and YCV head honcho Simon ‘The Stab’ Wilson

Kieran slante failte, a freedom activist and 25-year-old girlfriend of Irish and occupied Six county bastard statelet Martyr finbar Failte

Keri Sakirie, wife of Andrew Sakira, head of the Egyptian head of the UVF, she spends all day hiding behind the couch all day for fear of reprisals

The first programme shows the Sadie’s community spirits, as we watch them burning down the homes of the Huns in the neighbouring estate to cheer on their men as they ruthlessly kick the shit out of a tiag teenager ,in Antrim where they buy a kilo of Columbian black, the bomb making factory at castlereagh, riots at Ravenhill, kicking’s at Stormont, a Social club bingo game and an insurance job

The rest of the series follows the ladies as they indulge in a bit of retail therapy in clandeboye. Puking and pissing is the name of the game in another programme and the series also follows the girls on holiday to fashionable locations like Portrush and Carrick.

The series will also look at the glamorous jobs that these girls do including an insurance business, activism and gun running. The final programme in the series will look at ASU’s including Practical camouflage, alibi’s, massive racketeering rings and those oh-so-embarrassing show of strength videos.

And what makes this series that bit different – and well informed – is the fact that producer/director Suzanne McWinter knows the territory extremely well. She has made other empty headed worthless programming like ‘pets build houses’ and ‘Butchers Coat: a glamorous exploration of GAA officials lives’

Suzanne says: ”The past ten months of my life have been spent caught up in a whirl of wall-to-wall shite and scum. Filming these seven girls has left the camera crew and myself with a bad taste in our mouths. We became regular dregs, accompanying Northern Ireland’s Sadie’s on their various outings to places such as Lisburn, Carrick, Maghera, Mossley, Ballymena, Whitehead and newtownards.

It was all so depressing as it meant that we could mingle with the murderers and gain filming access to the hottest 11th night parties, community centre weddings, sumptuous drug deals and of course the best seats in the house for major political upheaval. While it has its origins in the Drumcree 06, the Sadie tag’ has now become something of a global phenomenon, applied to the ‘the hard faced brute of a woman of any man involved in any political violence.

The selection of seven very different, very stylish girls from a wide range of successful terrorist organisation is what gives this entertaining six-part series so much variety and – so many surprises. Viewers’ stereotypes may be shattered when they discover the smart, independent, fun girls behind the purple rinses, hoop ear rings and paramilitary tattoos. I have to admit, I can’t think of any worse ways of making a living!”